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Chairman Message

mr.aijaz ali chhajro-IPCIH11

Mr.Aijaz Ali Chhajro

The criteria for any nation’s development is its regime’s constitution and the rule of law, that the people are responsible for leading the way for change in he world.

Therefore, the advancement of any nation must be judged by its reverence for the constitution that the people have accepted by their free will, respect for the rule of law established by a council that has been elected fairly and transparently, executing the rulings of any independent judiciary, as well as the responsibility of the ruler to unite the country and respect its will.

“These foundations have been, and will continue to be the criteria for a nation’s advancement throughout history” 

We urge the Pakistani people and the Muslim nations to be proactive in the face of rising challenges, and not to give in to the despair that despotism has left in their souls. “Let your strong faith in God and the pages of history be your guides to overcome frustration and despair in the face of change. Only then, will the values of attaining freedom rise in the souls.