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International Peace Committee for Interfaith & Harmony

We Create Awareness for Promoting International Peace Committee for Interfaith Harmony.

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Message by President

In these difficult times of the world, we are witnessing Hatred, greed, terrorism and discrimination in a huge cliff in front of us all. In order to play our part and make the impact on the world, we are working to help communities to learn and understand the mutual cooperation, respect and creating enabling environment. I think we can change the world by raising awareness and exchanging the peace ideas to make this world better place to live and grow. I believe that essence of education and awareness is very vital towards achieving the quality of life through and with peace.

Courage will be a foundation for speaking up the truth and confronting tyranny; rescuing the oppressed will become a form of worship that draws Muslims closure to God; and moving forward towards building a free society based on the foundation of equality will become the single legitimate means in achieving the desired goals for Peace and interfaith harmony.



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